1 on 1 Sessions: When you make the decision to work with me we start with a deep dive to identify the triggers and speed bumps keeping you stuck. This helps us outline a plan together on where we should focus first.

Therapist Guided

Each session is uniquely guided based on your needs at that time. I use varying techniques to create calm and balanced energy before we move into the heavier emotional work. We close each session with a practice of peace leaving you refreshed and ready to make change!

Vibrational Healing

The healing techniques I use range from energy work, sound healing and somatic or Breathwork to mindset shifting practices. Your thoughts are a huge part of your energetic state. You will also leave each session with some homework for practice between sessions. I am the merely the guide, you are your own healer.

Coaching Packages

Singles or Couples sessions via Zoom or in person

1 Month Intensive
$ 999.00 1499.00
  • A perfect time for new beginnings!
  • take a deep dive into unhealthy mindset patterns.
  • Release fear of change and embrace the process of evolution 
  • Anchor in new mindset, set a pathway to next level and create momentum with immediate shifts.
Soul Journey
$ 2,222.00 3333.00
  • Includes 8 sessions over 3-4 months
  • Establish main causes of discomfort and release resentment.
  • Learn self love practices for physical and mental balance and abundant energy.
  • Experience and keep multiple healing journeys through breathwork and sound for continued discovery.