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I AM...

The two most powerful words in creating your best life ever. 

I AM an intuitive guide.  I AM a healer.  I AM a speaker.  I AM a light bringer.  I AM a retreat creator. I AM abundant in all things.  I am your your Vibrational Healing Guide.  I help my clients create emotional, spiritual and physical well-being so they feel in control of their life and empowered to not only survive but THRIVE each and every day.

Sarah Krippner

How we can work together

For Women

For Women

Empower Your Inner Goddess: Discover tailored services designed to nurture the strength, wisdom, and grace of every woman. Embrace your unique journey towards well-being and holistic health...

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For Couples

For Couples

Strengthen Your Bond: Deepen your connection, enhance mutual understanding, and cultivate shared wellness in your journey together towards holistic health....

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Meditation Made Easy: This sound journey is a totally unique and powerful sound bath. Bringing the combination of crystal bowls, drums, music and energy into the space for a journey creates a powerful deep dive into healing vibrations....

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Coaching Packages

Singles or Couples sessions via Zoom or in person

1 Month Intensive
$ 999.00 1499.00
  • A perfect time for new beginnings!
  • take a deep dive into unhealthy mindset patterns.
  • Release fear of change and embrace the process of evolution 
  • Anchor in new mindset, set a pathway to next level and create momentum with immediate shifts.
Soul Journey
$ 2,222.00 3333.00
  • Includes 8 sessions over 3-4 months
  • Establish main causes of discomfort and release resentment.
  • Learn self love practices for physical and mental balance and abundant energy.
  • Experience and keep multiple healing journeys through breathwork and sound for continued discovery.

Embark on a Zen Healing Odyssey with ZENDAY Sound Journey

Client Love

a truly life-changing moment

Josh and Holly ’s Story:

“Holly and Josh joined the Ignite & Expand Couples retreat in February and loved the massage practice, sound bath, and meeting new people as well as the beautiful location. Take a listen.”

Sarah Krippner Success Stories